Smartfrog is challenging the likes of Google’s Nest Labs …

Security cam is just the start. Smartfrog has built the full IoT software, hardware and cloud... to enter new verticals.

One of the “Ten most-funded IoT startups” and one of the “Six startups to watch“

Smartfrog Group (also known as Smartfrog & Canary Holding Inc.) is the original consumer IoT SaaS pioneer with IoT users in over 180 countries. The group’s mission is to make modern technologies useful, easy, affordable and safe for everyone. Initially in 2015, Smartfrog launched the world’s first 100% consumer IoT SaaS product, offering an easy to use and affordable DIY Smart Home security subscription service starting at $7/month including a free device. In 2018, Smartfrog expanded to the US and acquired Canary Connect. The two businesses were then merged and are headquartered in NYC. The group’s full-stack platform and value chain is end-to-end controlled and protected by over 100 patents. The platform enables data-driven businesses, offering SaaS solutions across product areas, supporting people from infancy to seniority, accompanying them through their whole life. Starting with Smart Home Security, the business is gradually scaling to new verticals such as Smart Locks & Access, Last Mile In-Home Delivery, Baby & Child Care, Pet Care, Elder- and Healthcare. The group grows both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

Most recently the Group expanded its portfolio to include smart locks and access vertical by acquiring Gate Labs and Glue AB. Leveraging on the technologies and the teams acquired, Smartfrog Group is disrupting the home delivery market by enabling the most convenient, secure and sustainable home access & last-mile delivery service for the betterment of people, partners and the planet. The Smartfrog Group’s in-home delivery platform facilitates quick and secure delivery of goods (parcels, groceries, flowers, pharmaceuticals, etc.) and services (dry cleaning, home cleaning, handyman, facility manager, etc.) to homes. The system also enables customers to give their friends, family members and guests easy access. The service works with any lock and fully hardware independent powered by Group’s AnyLock Technology™. The access is provided via app, SSL encrypted one-time keys and is fully insured. The Group’s patented technology enables the instant transmission of recorded delivery-video to the users providing peace of mind for customers, merchants and service providers.

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